5 Steps on How to Reset Slotomania

how to reset slotomania

How to reset Slotomania is the most popular question among slot players. Slotomania is a popular mobile game that allows players to enjoy the thrill of slot machines from the comfort of their own devices. With its vibrant graphics, exciting gameplay, and social features, it has attracted a large player base worldwide. 

However, there may be instances where you need to reset Slotomania for various reasons, such as troubleshooting issues or starting fresh. In this article, we will guide you through the process of resetting Slotomania so that you can get back to spinning the reels in no time.

Understanding Slotomania Account and Progress

Before we delve into how to reset Slotomania, it’s essential to understand how Slotomania handles player accounts and progress. Slotomania is a social casino game that offers players the ability to connect their Facebook accounts. By connecting your Facebook account, you can sync your progress across multiple devices and compete with friends.

Your Slotomania account is tied to your Facebook account, and it stores various data, including your level, coins balance, unlocked games, and achievements. When you reset Slotomania, you essentially start from scratch, and all your progress will be lost. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider whether resetting Slotomania is the right decision for you.

How to Reset Slotomania on Mobile Devices

How to reset Slotomania on mobile devices is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step:

Step 1: Locate the Slotomania App

Find the Slotomania app icon on your mobile device’s home screen or app drawer. The app icon features a colorful Slotomania logo, usually with a slot machine symbol.

Step 2: Uninstall the App (Optional)

If you want to perform a complete how to reset Slotomania, you can choose to uninstall the app from your device. Keep in mind that uninstalling the app will remove all data associated with it, including your progress and coins balance. If you wish to retain your progress, skip to Step 3.

To uninstall the app, press and hold the Slotomania app icon on your home screen or app drawer. A menu will appear, presenting you with several options. Look for the Uninstall or Remove. Confirm the uninstallation when prompted.

Step 3: Clear App Data (Android) or Delete App (iOS)

If you want to keep the app installed on your device but reset your progress, you can clear the app data on Android or delete the app on iOS.

For Android:

  • Open the Settings.
  • Scroll down and tap on Apps or Applications, depending on your device.
  • Find and tap on Slotomania from the list of installed apps.
  • On the App Info screen, tap on Storage or Storage & cache.
  • Tap on Clear data or Clear storage, then confirm your action when prompted.

For iOS:

  • Locate the Slotomania app icon on your iOS device’s home screen.
  • Press and hold the app icon.
  • Tap on the X button that appears on the app icon to delete it.
  • Confirm the deletion when prompted.

Step 4: Reinstall the Slotomania App

After clearing the app data or deleting the app with how to reset Slotomania, you can reinstall Slotomania from the respective app store. Open the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) on your device and search for Slotomania. Locate the official app from Playtika LTD and tap on the Install or Get button to download and install the app.

Step 5: Launch Slotomania and Connect to Facebook (Optional)

If you want to sync your progress and play Slot Thailand with friends, you can connect Slotomania to your Facebook account. Launch the Slotomania app and follow the prompts to log in to your Facebook account. Once connected, your previously synced progress should be restored, and you can continue playing from where you left off.


How to reset Slotomania can be a useful solution when you encounter issues or if you simply want to start over. Whether you play on a mobile device or on Facebook Gameroom, the reset process is relatively straightforward.

If you decide to reset Slotomania, follow the step-by-step instructions provided in this article to ensure a smooth reset process. Whether you choose to uninstall the app and clear app data or delete and reinstall the app, make sure to carefully follow the instructions specific to your device.

Once you have successfully reset Slotomania using how to reset Slotomania methods, you can start anew and enjoy the excitement of spinning the reels in this popular social casino game. Remember to have fun and play responsibly!

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