Dragon Kingdom Slot: Theme, RTP, Volatility and Demo

Dragon Kingdom Slot

The main theme of the Dragon Kingdom slot, which was introduced on December 27, 2016, is not particularly difficult to figure out. Obviously, dragons and their kingdom are the focus of the game. The gameplay of the video slot, however, necessitates considerable exploration and learning. And we are prepared to assist you with our review of Dragon Kingdom.

Dragon Kingdom Slot Theme

The slot’s spotlight on dragons is rather obvious. Starting with an epic music and concluding with the captivating Queen of Dragons, the highest-paying regular symbol, the game has elements of Game of Thrones.

The slot’s graphics and animations are quite fantastic. High-pay winning lines consequently combine into a single animated scene with dragons flying or breathing fire.

The video slot only has 10 symbols, eight of which are regular-paying. Four cards make up the cheapest set of symbols (J, Q, K, A). Cards pay between 0.08x and 0.6x.

Dragons and the Queen are symbols with high payouts. Following is a complete list of high-paying regulars along with their odds:

  • Blue dragoon: 0.04x, 0.2x, 0.6x, 1x
  • Green dragon: 0.08x, 0.28x, 0.8x, 1.2x
  • Orange dragon: 0.08x, 0.32x, 1x, 2x
  • Dragon Queen: 0.12x, 0.4x, 1.6x, 4x

The two unique features are Wild (a branded symbol) and Scatter (free spins). The wild symbol can create its own combinations in addition to replacing regulars on the lines (0.4x, 1.2x, 4x, 16x). Free spins begin when three or more scatters are landed.

Dragon Kingdom’s RTP and Volatility

Dragon Kingdom slot features a 96.47% RTP and a medium level of volatility. The video slot offers players a balanced paytable, with the highest-paying 5-symbol line only paying out eight times as much as the lowest-paying line. 

The slot can experience mild downtrends concurrently. Because they feature stacked symbols and a bonus multiplier, free spins are more volatile. The potential player return on the video slot is 96.47%.

Dragon Kingdom’s Max Win

Source from candybuzz sites, There is a 400x max win in Dragon Kingdom slot. You can see information that you can win up to 10,000 on the game’s opening screen. That is true, however 10,000 is a multiplier for the line bet. Due to the 25 lines in the slot, the top overall multiplier is 10,000/25, or 400x. Since elements appear as stacks, you can get there by filling the entire board with Wild symbols and using the free spins. This is a rather realistic scenario. Play other popular slot games such as the immortal romance slot.

Dragon Kingdom’s Free Spins

To start 5 free spins, you must land at least 3 scatter symbols on the board. You have to decide on a super-stacked symbol and multiplier before the free games start:

  • Super stacked wild + 1x multiplier
  • Super stacked Queen + 2x multiplier
  • Super stacked orange dragon + 3 multiplier
  • Super stacked green dragon + 4 multiplier
  • Super stacked blue dragon + 5 multiplier

By collecting three or more scatter elements, you can win three extra free spins.

Dragon Kingdom’s Mobile Compatibility

On your smartphone or tablet, enjoy Dragons Kingdom’s eye-catching visuals and fun gameplay. Dragon Kingdom slot was created using HTML5 and JS, making mobile devices running Android and iOS compatible.

The mobile slot’s interface is simple to use and gives you full control over the gameplay. It offers an adaptable user interface that supports all of the desktop version’s visuals, music, and features.

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Dragon Kingdom Slot Demo

Do you wish to become more familiar with Dragon Kingdom’s rules and gameplay? Try out the slot’s free spins. The demo slot of the Dragon Kingdom is included on this page, so you can try it out.

You will place bets using fake (fun) money during the free sessions. It’s not real money, and neither will any winnings you could receive. Demo play is still a great way to get familiar with the slot and get ready for future sessions in real casinos.

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