Dice Dice Dice Slot Review: RTP, Paylines, Free Spins Frequency & Volatility

Dice Dice Dice Slot

With the help of Red Tiger partners R7’s Dice Dice Dice Slot, the fruit slot freight train keeps moving and won’t stop. This game combines dice with slots and uses this oldest of gambling methods to give the fruit theme a fresh spin. Others simply do okeplay777 slot things for the joy of it, while some people do things for the money and fame.

R7 appears to fall under the latter category as they continue to be as mysterious as ever and have hardly any online presence, not even a website. These days, it is nearly unheard of. Do they really exist? They’re starting to resemble the contentious Satoshi Nakamoto, the purported creator of Bitcoin. Because they keep producing well-liked slots, someone must be working in a secret lab somewhere.

Devil’s Number, their debut album, was a strong effort and an exhilarating trip to the dark side. R7 is a business that practices a little unconventionally. They have done the reverse of what they should have done, which was to start out mainstream, get support, and then move to the periphery. And it doesn’t get much more commonplace than a fruit machine, though Dice Dice Dice Slot has a few special characteristics.

A 5×3 grid arranged in a slot machine that looks realistic, all chrome, and bright colors give the game Dice Dice Dice Slot a classic American appearance. The background may appear to be a hazy casino gaming hall depending on the size of your device’s screen, which gives the proceedings a little extra atmosphere. The occasional beep and rumble when the reels spin and features activate make up the majority of the sound effects.

Players can wager as little as 10 cents and as much as 20 pounds or euros every spin. You can manually press the spin button or get into the game’s rhythm by enabling auto and/or turbo spins. Only 10 paylines are available in the game to combine three or more winning symbols to produce winning combos.

Symbols correspond to your expectations exactly. Cherries, plums, oranges, watermelons, bells, and diamonds appear in ascending order. The top payout for fiery lucky 7s is 15 times the bet for five of a kind. Fruit slots frequently perform best when moving along steadily, and Dice Dice Dice is no different.

There aren’t any scatters to watch out for, meaning there aren’t any free spin rounds or extra games to impede the action. At 95.74%, RTP falls just shy of the average. Due to the medium to high volatility, gains tend to come in bursts and lulls, and overall, the returns can be respectable.

Dice Dice Dice Slot: Features

Dice Dice Dice Slot lacks a lot of characteristics, such as the bulk of fruit slots. Instead, it emphasizes tempo and simple, rhythmic gameplay. Despite this, the functions that are offered might still be rather powerful.

The Lucky Dice icons only appear on the middle reel. When one of them appears on a winning line, a die is spun, and the winnings are multiplied by the number that comes up. A Lucky Dice sign will often have one die attached to it, but they can also land with two or three dice. To further raise win rates, they can also fully encircle the third reel.

The second feature is Rolling Respins, which actually shakes the grid to signal that it is in play. When this feature is active, Lucky Dice have a higher chance of landing. This feature can be enabled at any time at random.

Additionally, the multiplier is added from Respin to Respin when they do land, and it may increase to some astounding heights. There is no set number of Respins, thus the number of them is also random. They typically landed in batches of around 10 throughout testing, and the multiplier was building, resulting in some respectable rewards.

Dice Dice Dice Slot: Verdict

There are many slot machines with a fruit theme. In order to satisfy the cautious gamblers, every developer is required to produce at least one. Despite the fact that the genre may have already been well explored.

You have to admit that R7 did a wonderful job overall after seeing what Dice Dice Dice Slot is capable of. It’s not very noteworthy or unique, and it does somewhat remind us of NetEnt’s Grand Spinn, but overall it does provide a few fresh features that set it apart from the pack.

When it comes to innovation, it’s difficult to find any slots that use dice rolls to determine multipliers. It’s a smart idea that makes sense when put into practice. It’s one of those deceptively straightforward ideas that leaves you wondering why so few people have used it up to this point.

How different multipliers can be is astounding. If they are absent, a full grid of 7s will pay 150 times your wager. This amount can go to as much as 5,497 times the stake if the Rolling Respins function is used to shake up the game. Even if fruit slots aren’t really your thing, the game is nevertheless engaging thanks to its juicy potential and innovative features.

Dice Dice Dice is undoubtedly better than average when it comes to fruit machines. It receives high marks for aesthetics, which are combined with frantic gameplay. Fruit slots are designed to be quick and simple, which R7 does with DDD.

Simple guidelines and reel dynamics do not obstruct the flow of play. Consider taking a look if you enjoy playing fruit slots or if you’re just in the mood for a visually appealing, contemporary fruit slot. There is little doubt that Dice Dice Dice Slot may provide some enjoyable play.

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