Crystal Golem Slot Machine: Volatility Rate Of 96.36%

Crystal Golem Slot Machine

Crystal Golem Slot is a slot machine that takes place inside a lighted cave filled with gems. In this slot of 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 payment lines, you will find golden mushrooms, water mushrooms, fire mushrooms, a crystal bat, and a stone snake. To get out of it, you will have to trigger the Evolution Spins, which can reward you with multipliers and free spins.

With Crystal Golem Slot, you enter the maze of a cave of precious stones. It’s sapphire on every wall. All the walls of the cave are marked by precious ice. Depending on the ambient light, you will see different colors. Normally, the cave is drowned in a pink color due to the light, and a fairly opaque gas. 

The stone walls stabilize turquoise-colored gemstones, cut like wooden rods. If you can see well to your right, you will have the impression of seeing a human face in profile. And when you enter the bonus, the cave sports a gorgeous blue robe. The stone walls are blue, and so are the precious stones.

There are also stones on the game grid, but these are only revealed during the bonus game. The grid itself is made of rock. The squares are also in rock, but the lines of separation are in gold. The low pay symbols are gemstone figures embedded in rock. There are 4: Jack, Queen, King, and Ace. 

There are also other high-paying symbols: a gold mushroom, a water mushroom, a crystal bat, and a stone serpent. The Golem represents the game’s Wild, and the white glowing crystal represents the Scatter.

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Sticky Wilds, Dozens Of Free Spins And Multipliers To Win at Crystal Golem Slot

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It is Print Studios that published the Crystal Golem Slot casino game. The slot features 5 reels split by 3 rows, with 20 paylines, with a volatility rate of 96.36%. Here you can bet an amount between 20 cents and 100 euros per spin. 

Low payout symbols pay between 2.5 and 20 times the original bet on a winning combination. For its part, the Wild pays 50 times the initial bet for a full line of 5 coins. The maximum win potential is 20,758 times the initial bet.

Crystal Golem Slot has a winning cascade system. Here, the winning symbols are eliminated, and the voids caused are filled by the other symbols located in the game grid. The same scenario can be repeated as many times as there are winning combinations.

From time to time, you will see diamonds at the level of the intersections of the boxes, often with a number. These are called SuperSpinners. When a winning combination involves one of them, the win generated is multiplied by the number that accompanies the diamond. If two multipliers are involved in a winning combination, they will multiply each other first, and then the whole thing will multiply the win.

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In Crystal Golem Slot there are also free spins. Here are the Evolution Spins. Line up 3, 4, or 5 Scatters, and you will win 8, 12, or 16 Evolution Spins respectively. During the free spins, some numbered diamonds are joined by a green flame. 

These are the Charged Spinners. If the Wild lands near a Charged Spinner, it transforms into a Wild Golem Stage 2. In this form, the Wild has the ability to stay on the grid even after a winning spin it was involved in. 

At the same time, the coil that hosts the Wild Golem Stage 2 is evolving in power. From then on, any Wild arriving on this reel will transform into Wild Golem stage 2. This reel can even increase in power and convert Wild Golem stage 2 into Wild Golem stage 3. 

Evolve all the reels in power, and you gain 4 extra free spins. Power-scale all of those reels one more time, and you win an additional 4 free spins once again.

You can also save yourself from all this, and directly access the Evolution Spins through the bonus buy which is worth 100 times the bet. Once the payment has been made, you win 3 Scatters.

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