Alien Hunter Slot Machine 

Alien Hunter Slot Machine 

This 5-reel 25-win line slot machine from Playtech and Riva Casino contains a great slot selection of bonuses available throughout the gameplay. We could deposit a minimum stake of 10 cents per line totaling a $2.50 stake per spin, the maximum by all accounts was $1250 so the option is there if you have a bigger bankroll than the majority. So, Alien Hunter Slot Machine is always a popular choice.

On viewing the paytable the first thing that sprung to mind was the amount of scatters and bonuses available which made us believe there was good cash to be won here. We started, as always, on the minimum stake in the hope of finding some of these bonus symbols on the way to a better bank balance. 

For online slot machines that have been played thousands of times on well-known gambling sites such as Slot95, for example, the sounds were not bad at all and I believe this would only really get annoying after about an hour’s play or so. Although playing the maximum lines we were only winning every 6-8 spins and the cash prizes were not the biggest. 

The bonus symbols were appearing but there just wasn’t enough of them. We did have a good win where some Aliens in a Basket turned up to give us $21 but at $2.50 a spin the game was getting expensive. Try a more reasonable betting game if you want a lower wager prize.

We could change the bet per line on the bottom left to just 1 cent, this lowered our total stake even more to the amount of 25 cents a spin, not much, but it gave us more time to try it out.

Maybe an hour would have been too long to listen to the alien space sounds so we turned it down after 15 minutes. Even after setting the stake to 25 cents per spin we were still losing money and only wins ranged from 3 cents to 38 cents.

Even the bonus spins we did get did not open a new screen and quickly spun out our 5 free spins that rewarded our efforts with about 40 cents.

Whilst interesting the game just did not perform when we had a go and this may be one we shall come back to at a later date. It may be worth investing in but just keep an eye on your budget and don’t overdo it if it doesn’t work out at first.

Here is How It Looks: Alien Versus Predator Slot Machine | Online Fruit Machines – Online Slots

Ok, so it’s not the real thing and the bonuses won’t have you in the jungle trying to zap Arnold Schwarzenegger or anything like that, but the fact you can add your own images means you can very much create your own version of anything. The Alien Versus Predator slot machine is exactly the same as the one we created on the MySlot Cleavage version.

The images used are cut down automatically to size from the software used by the online casinos meaning it won’t be as much work as you think, most of our time was spent on finding what we thought were the coolest images to add on which probably took about 15 minutes, the rest on the Alien versus Predator slot machine will not have taken for than 5 minutes.

Conclusion: The Alien Hunter Slot Machine will continue to be played by bettors today.

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