Alaskan Fishing Slot Machine 

Alaskan Fishing Slot

The alaskan Fishing slot machine is a 5 reel 30 win line slot machine by the software provider Microgaming that has entered the casino gambling sites such as Slot95. This game shows symbols such as Fish, Bears, Boat planes, more fish and what looks to be a type of fishing trophy. 

We were able to set the minimum stake to 30 cents and the maximum to £15 per spin. On looking at the paytable we noticed there were plenty of things to keep you busy in this game.

Most notable was that of the “Fly Fishing Bonus” and the scatter symbols that were displayed as a box of fixing materials. The free spins would be at least 15 freebies and any winnings would be doubled which is always nice. The “Fly Fishing Bonus” looked to be more beneficial with a player receiving 5 picks ranging from 2x and 15x the original stake.

The music was a little cheesy to say the least but then what sort of soundtrack would you expect for a fishing slot? We knew we would turn the volume down eventually but wanted to hear the sound effects first. No, they were not any better so we turned the volume off. 

The graphics on the other hand were very good and featured some superb flash images that, although not realistic, were easy to spot. The most remarkable was that of the Eagle catching a fish, and the boat plane maneuvering a salute.

We were getting wilds on a very regular basis including one time where it matched up to 4 bear symbols giving us a huge £30 win on a 30p stake. There are a lot of symbols on the Alaskan Fishing slot machine so you need to be on top form to work out what is going on and what is being offered. The slot machine was paying very well on gambling slot sites for a 30 line win slot and very soon we got our free spins which gave us a total of 15.

To obtain the “Fly Fishing Bonus” we required the fisherman symbol to appear in reel 1 and reel 5. Unfortunately for us, it kept turning up in either one or the other leaving us a bit frustrated but we kept plugging away. This ‘gacor’ slot machine was paying out really well and we picked up more wins ranging from £30 to £60 on numerous spins, the wilds were to thank for this and were a big help in boosting our balance. 

Although we could not get the bonus we were looking for we did up our stake to 90p per spin and we were rewarded with a load of wilds and Eagles that gave us a massive £294 on a 90p stake.

The Alaskan Fishing slot machine is really paying well and is still relatively new so players should get in quick for a game that is as entertaining as it is rewarding. Although we could not get the main bonus the machine still paid us well enough to know when to stop.

So technically, The Alaskan Fishing slot game is the same as Mars Odyssey, Cleopatra, or Diamond Dozen slot machines. Just read the review and find out what we mean by it.
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